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It was during the months leading up to the day I left school that I realized just how little kids are taken seriously. I saw how rare it was that an adult or even another person my age could truly listen to what I was saying. I saw how there was hardly any quality information out there specifically for youth that told them they should be in control of their lives and that they have the right to know their choices and make those choices. I saw that very few people acknowledged the fact that youth have choices and the freedom to choose alternatives in their lives. I noticed that there was a prevailing sense in most teenagers of being detached from the rest of the world, their surrounding environment, and other humans and this is something I wanted to end.


I saw lots and lots of web sites and magazines that boasted “empowering youth” and felt nauseous as I read the syrupy words written by adults to imitate teenage slang. I saw how fearful most people were of challenging authority and the accepted mode of living. Most of all, I heard the millions of ways children scream and I heard it all over the world. I saw how their screams went unheard and it disturbed me. So few kids are truly free or even know they have a choice. So I decided I'd create something that could inform and empower youth, even if it's small.  I dedicate this website to the new Rising Generation. These are the kids who will rise up and out of their various prisons and take their power into their own hands.

~ Laura